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Doing It Right - WellConnection

We take shared responsibility for all our actions, for our colleagues, customers and our partners and our environment and listen to each other to continually raise standards.
We constantly evaluate to try to find smarter ways to work and we think long term with, flexible solutions to provide our customers with a better service and to develop our team.
We want our company to grow and our colleagues to develop, so we set ambitious goals which we work systematically towards.
Health, safety and our environment are a priority at every level so individually and collectively we work to ensure that nothing we do compromises the highest possible standards.
Honesty dictates our actions so we trust each other and we are trusted by our partners and customers, which ensures everyone understands we are “Doing It RIGHT”
“Doing It Right” guides every action at WellConnection from providing our clients with a fast, flexible, efficient, cost effective service to ensuring our loyal employees can carve out rewarding careers. We have 25 years’ experience in the North Sea which has allowed us to develop a stable, innovative staff who deliver the quality service at short notice which has helped us become the sought-after partner in our sector for the oil industry.
Our aspiration is to build on that quality, to continue to drive our standards even higher and to become the go-to company for the services we provide in provinces around the globe.
To achieve this we will continue to provide proprietary products and services which can open up new business areas but we will also  use our extensive experience to develop new applications for the technologies in which we are already a leader and use digitalisation and our outstanding people and processes to push back the boundaries.
Our strength is in the understanding of the services and products we offer and our ability to meet our customers’ demands safely and economically without compromising safety, quality or the environment.