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At our facilities at Tananger we can offer a ‘One Stop Shop’ IMR service.

This means WellConnection is the single point of contact and will handle every step of the process on behalf of the customer such as high pressure cleaning, inspection, machining, hard banding, storage and logistics services.

  • Yard 27.644 m2
  • Offices 360 m2
  • Workshop Hall in connection with the office 600 m2 + 150 m2 mezzanine with overhead crane
  • Double line Range III facility for tubulars 1.480 m2
  • Single line Range III facility for tubulars 640 m2
  • Separate cleaning facility 450 m2
  • Garage Building 340 m2
  • 3x 16 ton forklifts for handling tubulars
  • Mobile Crane


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