From single van to growing group

Thirty years ago, Stein Bergo started out with a single van that he used for on-site inspections of customers’ oil drilling equipment. Today, he works with 145 colleagues in a business group that is experiencing strong growth.

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Thirty years ago, the company he helped found was called InCon, today he works with sales and development at WellConnection, which acquired InCon in 2015.

Along with Steinar Hauskevaag, who still works for the company, and a third partner, he established InCon in June 1988. Two of them were located in Stavanger and one in Bergen.

In a van
“We wanted to start our own company, and for the first few years there were only three of us in Stavanger – and a van we used to carry out inspections at our customers’ sites,” he says.

They gradually took on more staff and developed the company. They have been bought up twice, first in 1997 and then in 2015, when the company became part of WellConnection.

“Our department alone currently has a staff of 65, working in Stavanger and at Mongstad. We are now also starting up in Hammerfest,” explains Bergo. And it does not stop there.

“We believe that international expansion lies ahead, though we haven’t yet decided when that will happen.”

The business’s success derives from two things: skilled employees and high-quality performance over time.

“We have a good reputation in the market. Both our workforce and our customer base are stable, and we can show off what we have delivered with pride,” he says.

A lot has changed since the business started up. Today, it is crucial to have effective systems. There are much stricter standards with regard to documentation, and work on the drilling equipment is both more extensive and more thorough than it was in 1988.

Experiencing growth
Bergo is delighted that the company he helped to found is still going strong and experiencing growth. After winning two major contracts in Hammerfest, he has been working hard to establish a base in the North of Norway.

“We started with three people and now the group has 145 employees. We can take on bigger jobs and bigger clients. Expansion in both size and geography is extremely exciting, and I am looking forward to what comes next,” he says.
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