Happier with heavy lifting

Johanna Hauge joined the logistics department at WellConnection Mongstad from a job in the schools’ sector. Despite the heavy lifting, she has never regretted her decision.

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At Mongstad’s logistics department, women rule the roost. Behind the wheel of the biggest forklift trucks, moving pipes around the vast storage facility, sit Johanna Hauge, Gullborg Rikstad and Cathrine Ramsdal. With an output of more than 40,000 units per year and warehousing extending over more than 60,000 m2 (almost 15 acres), there is a lot to keep track of, but the department always has everything under control.
“We had some Americans come to visit, and their eyes almost popped out when they saw that we women could drive a truck. Here in Norway, it’s become quite common, and we never get anything but a positive reaction to it,” says Hauge.

She started working at WellConnection Mongstad in December 2007. For the first few years, she was contracted out by Adecco, until she got a permanent job in 2011.
“I used to work as a teaching assistant in a primary school but wanted to do something different. Before I started here, I had already got a licence to drive a forklift truck, so it wasn’t a big leap to working in warehousing and logistics,” she says.

She loves working at WellConnection Mongstad. “Every day is different and we always have a lot to do. There’s either a queue of pipes to be picked up or delivered, or we spend our time keeping the place clean and tidy, and doing maintenance work,” she says.

When she started working in the sector in 2007, it was dominated by men. But that has changed; more women have arrived.
“The work is nice and the environment here is fantastic. I can’t think of a better place to work,” says Hauge.
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