Professional inspection, repair, maintenance, logistics, storage and recertification

Drilling IMR

WellConnection is the leading inspection and maintenance company for oil related drilling equipment in the North Sea and is renowned and respected for the highest quality of service, performance and efficiency.
We offer a full range of services including field inspection, quality assurance and quality control and specialist software design and manufacturing.  We provide inspection services for drill pipe, bottom hole assembly, OCTG, handling equipment and offshore inspection in accordance with API / DS-1 / NS-2 or customer specified requirements.
Our pipe facility is equipped with an automated full-length ultrasonic testing inspection system which can handle pipe sizes up to 13 5/8 and we use state-of-the-art technology to support our services and to create added value for our clients.

Wireless measuring technology

WellConnection uses WIM (wireless measuring technology), our own unique system developed inhouse specifically for our clients, for tubular inspection. The measurements are automatically transferred digitally to the inspection management system which we have developed over the past decade, eliminating the need for hand-written reports and the possibility of human error. The system combines inspection, statistical analysis and logistics reports and provides both us and our clients with an immediate overview of the full equipment history and movement.
We are also using radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology for logistics purposes. When a pipe arrives in the yard it has an RFID chip attached containing its unique serial number and the chip is only removed prior to shipment offshore. This prevents the risk of serial numbers being misread during the maintenance process and allows continuous tracking of the pipe. Every transaction during the process will be immediately recorded on the customer web access.
We have several computer numerical control (CNC) lathe machines for retreading and systems for hard banding which enable us to carry out the precision engineering which is vital for safety, efficiency and economy in the oilfield.

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