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Drilling inspection services

WellConnection is the leading inspection and maintenance company within oil related drilling equipment on the NCS and is renowned and respected for the highest quality on service, performance and efficiency.
WellConnection offers a full range of oil related services which include Field Inspection, QA/QC Inspection and specialist software design/manufacturing.  We provide inspection services in accordance with API / DS-1 / NS-2 or Customer specified requirements.

Our services include inspection services for:

  • Drill Pipe

  • Bottom Hole Assembly

  • OCTG

  • Handling equipment

  • Offshore inspection 

Our pipe facility is equipped with an automated full length UT inspection system which can handle pipe sizes up to 13 5/8” depending on the pipes wall thickness.

WellConnection also uses state of the art technology to support our services and to create added value for our clients.
WellConnection has started using TIM (wireless measuring technology) for tubular inspection. With this technology there is no need for hand written reports. During the past decade we have also designed a reports database combining inspection reports, statistical analysis reports and logistics reports (the ITEM database). This gives us and our clients an overview of the full equipment history and movement.


The inspector generates the job in the ITEM database and the report will update itself as measurements are being logged throughout the inspection process. When the Drill Pipe leaves the inspection facility the report is available for the Customer online.


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We are also using RFID technology in conjunction with the TAM database for logistics purposes. This system is based on that every pipe we receive into our yard for inspection will get a RFID chip attached. The chip is then connected with the pipe serial number. The RFID chip will follow the pipe during the whole maintenance process and is removed from the pipe prior to shipment offshore.


The benefits of RFID chip marking of pipe is:


• No misreading of serial numbers during the maintenance process.

• Tracking of pipe down to serial number level.

• Customer stock list will be “live” meaning that every transaction during the process will be immediately recorded on the customer web access.



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