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WellConnection is the North Sea’s leading hydrocleaning provider. We have more than 20 years’ experience in these highly specialised services which help remove pollutants from our environment.
Our vast experience has enabled us to develop the ultimate combinations of pressure, volume and nozzle configuration to handle a large variety of hydrocleaning applications in the most environmentally beneficial way.
Typical applications are:
  • Internal/external cleaning of drillpipes, OCTG and risers
  • Cleaning of other oil and gas equipment
  • Paint/rust removal
  • Concrete removal/cutting
  • Industrial cleaning

We offer hydrocleaning services from all our WellConnection locations and from our fully equipped high-pressure mobile facilities. We are experts and have vast experience in cleaning large pipes before they are installed on pipe-laying barges for their journey offshore and last year handled more that 40,000.  We are also expert at adapting our knowledge and technology to develop case-specific hydrocleaning solutions. 

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Kim Andre Madland
Hydrocleaning Services Stavanger, Norway