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Wellconnection Wepco AS was established in 1986. Today we stand out as a modern machining workshops within licensing of oil pipes and production of pup joints, treads on pipes and pup joints, cross-overs and accessories.

In-house developed products include Guide Wire Anchor and Lifting Anchor for the subsea industry. We also have license agreements with the thread manufacturers TenarisHydril, Vam, Grant and API. Wellconnection Wepco AS is also the only one that has facilities for Tenaris Blue Dopeless in Norway. 

In order to provide the best possible service, we have shifts and shift arrangements. Well-qualified employees and a modern machine park enable us to undertake assignments that require a very high level of precision and quality. We serve customers who place great demands on flexible production, short delivery times and high quality. Our quality assurance system is built to meet the requirements of NS-EN ISO-9001: 2015.
We also offer general machining for complex production for subsea tools, and we provide mechanical work as make or break and savage.
In our workshop we provide some surface treatment as copper plating and the process of phosphating.
Among other things, we repair used drill pipes, and this is important to reduce CO2 emissions in the North Sea.

We offer a complete supplier package together with Wellconnection Group within machining, maintenance and welding as a «one stop shop».

Wellconnection Wepco AS is located close to the Dusavik base outside Stavanger.


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Lauritz Haringstad Løvø
Managing Director, WellConnection Wepco
WellConnection - Machining
WellConnection - machining
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