Professional inspection, repair, maintenance, logistics, storage and recertification

Global Subsea Pipeline Logistic Services

WellConnection have since early 1990 handled hundreds of tons of all kind of pipe dimensions for the Oil & Gas Industry on the Norwegian continental shelf and in the UK sector. For future oil and gas pipeline projects, WellConnection are in position to offer our safe pipe handling methods and logistical experience to pipeline construction companies.

These logistical services include;
  • Receipt of CWC¹ Pipes FOB² at CWC Factory
  • Implementation of our RFID UHF (ITEM)³ Pipe Tracking system upon receipt of Pipe onboard at CWC Factory
  • Transshipment to (Marshalling Yard)⁴
  • Load in at Marshalling Yard
  • Pipe Handling transportation to stack and Stacking
  • Pickup in Stacks and transportation through the logistical flow setup at Marshalling Yard
  • Internal Cleaning
  • Inspection
  • CWC repair according to specification
  • CWC Cutting and concrete removal
  • Re-beveling according to specification
  • Snow and ice removal prior to load out
  • Transportation to quayside and pre-stacking prior to load out
  • Load out to PSV⁵
  • Pipe Tracking onboard PSV⁵ and/or on quayside prior to load out
  • Transshipment to Lay Barge

WellConnection are capable to undertake and to offer these services as a package in whole and/or partly according to client’s requirement and needs.

WellConnection will be capable to offer and prepare a logistical lethod of statement for clients in early phase to support their logistical solutions and decisions.
¹ CWC, read Concrete Weight Coating 
² FOB, read free on board
³ ITEM is our own developed full-scale digitized (No manual number registration) Pipe Tracking system based on RFID UHF technology. The system provides client with all required reports in order to have a total overview of the Pipes on Stock at different locations at current time. All data scanned, wireless transferred and uploaded to database accessible to client.
⁴ Marshalling Yard is a pre-prepared Temporary Interim Storage area for Project Pipe Storage. 
⁵ PSV, read Pipe Supply Vessel   

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Stig Henning Holgersen
Pipeline Logistics
WellConnection - Pipeline Logistics
WellConnection - Pipeline Logistics
WellConnection - Pipeline Logistics